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Ambient Film Productions is a Video Production Company servicing Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver. Specializing in Corporate Video with a unique approach to Safety and Training Videos, Ambient Film Productions offers a far superior product by offering dramatic and memorable storytelling, utilizing a vast network of VFX artists from the Motion Picture Industry, and offers first rate client relationships. ad

Experience a whole new quality of corporate, safety or training video that will engage your audience instead of putting them to sleep. And remember, just because we raise the quality, doesn't mean we raise the rates. Ambient Film Productions Inc. is committed to providing competitive pricing. 

From a full promotional video to impress potential investors or rally your workforce, to small procedural training videos to educate your staff or working contractors, to safety themed videos, no production is too large or too small for Ambient Film Productions.

Our Story

About us

Ambient Film Productions was founded in 2002 as a service provider to the Motion Picture Industry in Western Canada.  Over the years, AFPI began venturing into other industries offering video production services for a variety of clients ranging from local electronic service providers all the way to the National Hockey League and the Calgary Flames Hockey Club.

In more recent times, AFPI has been exposed to the corporate video market and more specifically safety and training videos being produced by existing competitors.  After reviewing the overall poor quality and general dullness currently being produced for potential clients; it became obvious that Ambient Film Productions Inc had far more to offer this particular market.  

With over 13 years of personal experience in the Hollywood film industry, Founder, Stuart Becker brings a unique approach to inserting the drama, excitement, and intrigue to a market desperate for a new look.  With a team of experienced film-makers and visual effects artists, Ambient Film Productions promises to deliver your organization a production that will not only get the information across to your audience but will leave them with a lasting impression.

The Team

  • Stuart Becker

    Stuart has been working in the motion picture industry since 1998.  In 2002, Stuart founded Ambient Film Productions Inc. and has continued working to further develop the companies services.  As a National Certified Construction Safety Officer, Stuart also has a strong insight and perspective into safety training videos. Stuart is an award winning Producer and brings a valuable mix of production experience, artistic visuals, dramatic storytelling, and a background in the construction industry. 

  • Grant Stephens

    Partner/Client Relations

    For over 14 years, Grant has been working in the construction industry specializing in Oilfield Facilities Construction. As a Project Manager for major facilities construction, Grant has a strong track record ensuring the health and safety of all workers on his jobsites. Grants strong construction management background, his technical gifts, and his genuine efforts in maintaining a safe workplace make Grant a valuable partner for Ambient Film Productions.

Recent Work

Services Offered

Cinematic Imagery

Corporate videos have long suffered from dull colors and boring camera work. Ambient Film Productions brings a new approach to this common problem by using tools and equipment used in Hollywood to add energy, drama and excitement to all its projects. We take great pride in our imagery and strive to break away from the boring "locked off" static shots that plague the majority of corporate video today.

High End "CG" Animations

With a vast list of sub-contractors, Ambient Film Productions employs working Visual FX artists in the Hollywood industry to bring incredible Computer Generated "CG" Animations to add to the visual elements to both help demonstrate key points, procedures and add an additional element of intrigue in its productions. Ambient Film Productions only employs top artists, who use some of the most advanced CG Software such as Cinema 4D and Maya as well as using latest rendering technologies such as V-Ray.

Dramatic Storytelling

Too often do corporate videos loose their audiences attention by having the standard narration from a monotone narrator reading out the powerpoint like images being drawn on the screen. Ambient Film Productions addresses this issue by really stripping down a script to identify key points to construct a "blueprint" to maximize the effectiveness of the information being presented. Ambient Film Productions will produce a story that will leave a lasting impression that your audience will remember far longer than the duration of your video.

Competitive Pricing

Visual Effects Artists, latest rendering technologies, cinematic imagery…all this sounds expensive. Well it can be but not with Ambient Film Productions. AFPI is dedicated to providing competitive pricing. You won't find anywhere else that offers AFPI's quality at our pricing.

Video gallery

Some of our work. . .

  • 2012 Spring Promo Reel

    Put on your headphones, turn up the volume, full screen the video, and enjoy.

    Please check back regularly to see updates to our promo reels as we update with new client works.

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